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1924 return_to_top.jpg (6939 bytes)
All Alone
Lee's Lullaby                                                    lyrics.jpg (7170 bytes)
Bring Back Those Rock-A-Bye Baby Days
Mail Man Blues                                                lyrics.jpg (7170 bytes)
Everybody Loves My Baby
Better Shoot Straight With Your Mamma
I Want To See My Tennessee
Too Tired
Under The Ukulele Tree
I Ain't Got Nobody To Love
1925 return_to_top.jpg (6939 bytes)
Telling Eyes
I Like Pie I Like Cake
Me Neenyah (My Little One)
Golden Dream Girl
In Old Madrid
Don't Cry Your Way Back To Me
A Miss In Mississippi
June Brought The Roses
Just For You
Those Daisy Days
Could I? I Certainly Could
What Is Love All About
Ukelele Lady
Blue Waltz
Yes, Sir, That's My Baby
My Sweetie Turned Me Down
An Old Fashioned Romance
Blue Soldier Blues
Dallas Blues
Rocking Chair Blues
Unnecessary Papa
Alone At Last
Any Old Place Is Lover's Lane
Are You Sorry?
Shadows On The Wall
Sweet Man
I'se Gwine Back To Dixie
What-Cha-Call-'Em Blues
Only This Time I'll Be True
Oh Boy! What A Girl
I Love You So
I'm Tired Of Everything But You
Best Of All
Want A Little Lovin'
Someone Will Miss Me Sometime
My Old Kentucky Home
The Old Folks At Home
Daddy Your Mama Is Lonesome For You
I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Me)
The Deep Wide Ocean Blues                            lyrics.jpg (7170 bytes)
I Wonder Where My Baby Is To-night?
My Sugar Babe
Nobody Else
1926 return_to_top.jpg (6939 bytes)
Tentin' Down In Tennessee
Poor Papa
I'm In Love With You That's Why
Happy Dreams
Thanks For The Buggy Ride
A Garland Of Old-Fashioned Roses
Lonesome And Sorry
A Little Love
In The Middle Of The Night
I'll Make You Fall In Love With Me
Where'd You Get Those Eyes?
Daddy's Girl
Animal Crackers
My Red-Headed, Blue-Eyed Colleen
He's Still My Baby
Someone Is Losin' Susan
To-night You Belong To Me
If You're Missing Me (Like I'm Missing You)
Ain't That Too Bad?
Look What You Went And Done
The Little White House (In Honeymoon Lane)
Lonely Nights
Look Up And Smile
Everything Is Peaches (For Peaches And Me)
Tuck In Kentucky (And Smile)
Jersey Walk
With All My Heart
1927 return_to_top.jpg (6939 bytes)
I'd Love Yo Be In Love
Where The Wild, Wild Flowers Grow
My Idea Of Heaven (Is To Be In Love With You)
Side By Side
(What Do I Care What) Somebody Said?
I Hate To Say Goodbye
Ain't He Sweet?
Mollie, Make Up Your Mind
We (My Honey And Me)
I've Looked All Over For A Boy Like You
Did You Mean It?
Old-Fashioned Romance
Keep Sweeping The Cobwebs Off The Moon
Give Me A Goodnight Kiss
1928 return_to_top.jpg (6939 bytes)
In The Sing-Song Sycamore Tree
I'm Lonely
Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella
There Must Be A Silver Lining
Lazy Lady Blues
After We Kiss
Poor Butterfly Waits For Me
Shadows On The Wall
Mother And Dad
When I Lost You
Lonesome For You
Don't Keep Me In The Dark, Bright Eyes
Be Sweet To Me
Main Street
I Must Have That Man!
Mississippi Mud
Where The Shy Little Violets Grow
You Are My Own
Old Man Sunshine, Little Boy Bluebird
Don't Be Like That
If You Want The Rainbow (You Must Have The Rain)
Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love)
Just You And I
1929 return_to_top.jpg (6939 bytes)
He's A Good Man To Have Around
I'm Doing What I'm Doing For Love
Miss You
In The Hush Of The Night
Moanin' Low
Sweetheart's Holiday
Love Me
Look What You've Done To Me
If I Can't Have You
To Be Forgotten
My Fate Is In Your Hands
I Love You, Believe Me, I Love You
A Little Kiss Each Morning
1930 return_to_top.jpg (6939 bytes)
Until Love Comes Along
Blue, Turning Grey Over You
Tain't No Sin (To Dance Around In Your Bones)
I'm Following You
Cooking Breakfast For The One I Love
Sing You Sinners
Little White Lies
Nobody Cares If I'm Blue
The Little Things In Life
I Still Get A Thrill (Thinking Of You)
When The Organ Played At Twilight
Just A Little While
Wasting My Love On You
Loving You The Way I Do
You're Driving Me Crazy! (What Did I Do?)
He's My Secret Passion
Swingin' In A Hammock
Seems To Me
1931 return_to_top.jpg (6939 bytes)
I'm One Of God's Children
Blue Again
Walkin' My Baby Back Home
I've Got Five Dollars
By My Side
The Tune That Never Grows Old
Let's Get Friendly
I'm Thru' With Love
It's The Girl!
I'm An Unemployed Sweetheart
Love Letters In The Sand
Mood Indigo
Call Me Darling
I'm For You A Hundred Per Cent
1932 return_to_top.jpg (6939 bytes)
One Hour With You Medley (with Eddy Duchin)
Paradise Waltz Medley (with Eddy Duchin)
When The Lights Are Soft And Low
Lawd, You Made The Night Too Long
Moonlight On The River
Something In The Night
1933 return_to_top.jpg (6939 bytes)
Pettin' In The Park
I've Got To Sing A Torch Song
In The Little White Church On The Hill
While The Rest Of The World Is Sleeping
1938 return_to_top.jpg (6939 bytes)
When I Lost You
Shadows On The Wall
Careless Love
Sing Me A Song Of Texas
1950 return_to_top.jpg (6939 bytes)
Lonesome Darlin'
If You Only Knew
Don't Even Change A Picture On The Wall
unknown dates: return_to_top.jpg (6939 bytes)
Light In The Bend Of The Road
Sad And Lonely Little Pickaninny