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     CD 1 - Pathé / Perfect:

  1. Mail Man Blues
  2. Bring Back Those Rock-A-Bye Baby Days
  3. Too Tired
  4. I Ain't Got Nobody To Love
  5. Telling Eyes
  6. Could I? I Certainly Could
  7. Ukelele Lady
  8. Yes, Sir, That's My Baby
  9. Alone At Last
10. Sweet Man
11. I'se Gwine Back To Dixie
12. Oh Boy! What A Girl!
13. I Love You So
14. I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Me)
15. I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight?
16. My Sugar Babe
17. Tentin' Down In Tennessee
18. Poor Papa
19. I'm In Love With You - That's Why
20. Where'd You Get Those Eyes
21. Daddy's Gril
22. Tonight You Belong To Me
23. Ain't That Too Bad
24. Look What You Went And Done
25. The Little White House
     CD 2 - Columbia:

  1. (What Do I Care What) Somebody Said
  2. Ain't He Sweet
  3. Mollie Make Up Your Mind
  4. We (My Honey and Me)
  5. I've Looked All Over For A Boy Like You
  6. Did You Mean It?
  7. Give Me A Goodnight Kiss
  8. Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella
  9. There Must Be A Silver Lining
10. Shadows On The Wall
11. Mother And Dad
12. Susianna
13. Main Street
14. Old Man Sunshine, Little Boy Bluebird
15. Don't Be Like That
16. Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love)
17. He's A Good Man To Have Around
18. Sweetheart's Holiday
19. Look What You've Done To Me
20. If I Can't Have You
21. To Be Forgotten
22. Tain't No Sin
23. I'm Following You
24. Cooking Breakfast For The One I Love
25. Just A Little While